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List of Publications (citations)

My twenty most cited papers are currently (June 2018)
Cartesian genetic programming, 2000 (916).
Principles in the Evolutionary Design of Digital Circuits, Part I, 2000 (496).
Cartesian Genetic Programming, Springer, 2011 (247).
Designing Electronic Circuits Using Evolutionary Algorithms. Arithmetic Circuits: A Case Study, 1998 (245).
An empirical study of the efficiency of learning Boolean functions using a Cartesian Genetic Programming Approach, 1999 (228).
Redundancy and computational effficiency in Cartesian genetic Programming, 2006 ((226).
Neutrality and Evolvability of Boolean Function Landscapes, 2001 (187).
Evolving a self-repairing, self-regulating, French flag organism, 2004 (180).
The advantages of landscape neutrality in digital circuit evolution, 2000 (165).
Scalability Problems of Digital Circuit Evolution, 2000 (131).
Information Characteristics and Landscapes, 2000 (161).
Guidelines: From artificial evolution to computational evolution: a research agenda, 2006 (151).
Scalability problems of digital circuit evolution: evolvability and efficient designs, 2000 (147).
Evolving developmental programs for adaptation, morphogenesis, and self-repair, 2003(143).
The automatic acquisition, evolution and reuse of modules in cartesian genetic programming, (139).
Towards the automatic design of more efficient digital circuits, 2000(133).
Evolution in materio: Looking beyond the silicon box, 2002(131).
Evolving more efficient digital circuits by allowing circuit layout evolution and multi-objective fitness, 1999(114).
A developmental method for growing graphs and circuits, 2003(101).
Principles in the evolutionary design of digital circuits-Part II, 2000(100).
Evolving the program for a cell: from french flags to boolean circuits, 2003(93).

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