What is the genetic code

What is the genetic code?

Genetic counseling deals with individuals’ family history and is an important factor in determining the health, well-being and disease risk. The genetic code is actually the set of biological instructions used by living organisms to translate information coded within their genetic material into specific proteins. All living cells carry DNA, the genetic material, and these

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What is genetic variation

What is genetic variation?

What is genetic variation? Genetic variation is simply the variation in DNA between individuals or between populations. There are many different sources of genetic variation, such as genetic recombination and mutation. A recent study showed that your genetic makeup is determined by more than just your heritage or race. Some forms of genetic variation are

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What is genetic modification

What is genetic modification?

What is genetic modification? Genetic engineering, more commonly known as genetic modification or genetic engineering, is the intentional manipulation of an organism’s genes with biotechnology. Some examples of genetic engineering are using bacteria to produce insulin, or inserting a synthetic chromosome into a human patient in order to help repair genetic diseases. Some individuals are

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